Sunday, September 2, 2007

Choice of topic

Well, I have to admit, that I have not only never been faced with so many choices for an essay topic, but so many interesting topics! I have found this semester of social psychology extremely interesting and now I am able to observe very easily and be reminded of a lot of different social psychological variables and factors each day. Although other psychology subjects I have studied have allowed me to do this, I find I that I can observe examples of social psychology every day, with so much ease and find my friends trying to snap me out of it a lot when we go to coffee or shopping or to parties and I find myself unknowingly observing and staring at others.

I found the choices for this blog particularly hard, and spent a substantial period of time actually trying to choose one. In the end I had to put all the topics in a hat and pick one out, and when I did so, it finally dawned upon me when doing so, that there was one in particular that I was hoping I would pull out of the hat, and so thatbecame my topic for this mini blog.

I have decided to focus on genocide for this blog, for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am very interested in not only how a group of extremists could actually pull off a mass killing that is worthy of being labelled as a genocide, but also how normal people can turn into horrible, evil, killing machines. Also, as a child when we living in New York, my dad was working for the UN and did some peace keeping work in Rwanda, in the years leading up to the genocide, and he was always very reluctant to give me much detail into his time and experiences there, having now researched and studied the Rwandan genocide, and watched Ghosts of Rwanda in the lecture, I can now see why.

Although in this blog I have decided to focus on the genocide in Rwanda, I would be interested to study the contributing factors in the Holocaust in depth one day too.

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